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The Basic Rental Application Template is a standard rental application form that can be used by owners of real properties seeking to find responsible, trustworthy, and credit worthy tenants. Every landlord wants tenants that are well-behaved and that can pay rents consistently.

The basic rental application form contains the key questions that landlords or their agents can use to gather basic information from prospective tenants for background and credit checks. A fee may be charged to cover the expenses of verifying the credit and background information of applicants.

How to Write a Basic Rental Application

General Information

This section should contain questions that are capable of eliciting general information such as date of making the application, application number, property address, name of prospective tenant, the applicant’s social security number, phone numbers both for home and for the workplace.

Current Occupancy

This section should contain questions that seek to gather information about the applicant’s present and previous residences. The applicant should disclose the present address, the length of time at this address, and reason for wanting to move out. Other information to be collected in this section include amount of current rent, name and phone number of landlord.

Other Occupants

In this section, the prospective tenants should supply information about the other occupants that will live in the apartment. Their names and relationship of each occupant to the applicant must be disclosed.  If any pets will be living with the applicant on the property, this must be disclosed. If the applicant uses a waterbed, this must be disclosed, and tenant should also disclose whether they smoke or not.

Employment History

This section contains information about the employment history of the prospective applicant. The tenant should supply information about the current employer, the name, address and phone number of the employer must be supplied on the form. Other information includes the length of time on the employer’s job, income per month and name and phone number of supervisor. Information about previous employer must also be disclosed.

Bank Details

In this section, the applicant must supply the name of bank, its branch where account is domiciled and city it is located. The type of account must be disclosed whether checking or savings account.

Vehicle Information

Here, information such as the model, make, and year of manufacture of any vehicles the applicant wishes to park on the premises must be disclosed. The tenant’s driver’s license number must also be disclosed.

Emergency Contact

The landlord may wish to gather information about personal reference for the applicant. This is where to ask questions that elicit such responses as the name, address and phone number of personal reference as well as the name, phone number and address of the person to be contacted in case of an emergency.


The applicant must sign and date the Basic Rental Application Template after all the basic information must have been supplied.


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