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The Blank Rental Application is a generic rental application form which landlords or their agents can use to gather all the information needed to decide whether a prospective tenant is fit and credit worthy for a tenancy agreement.

There are two sections on this rental application: The landlord is expected to fill out the first section on the form while the prospective tenant should fill out the second part of the form. However, both parties must sign and date the document to give it a legal effect.

This Section to be Completed by Landlord

The landlord must fill out the address of the property in the lines provided followed by the rental term. The Landlord must indicate one of the two options – whether the rent will run from month-to-month or by lease – by ticking the appropriate box. If the landlord decides to select the lease option, the duration of the proposed lease must be specified in the spaces provided and marked ‘from —- to ——.

The landlord must also specify the amount that must be paid before the tenant can occupy the property in the spaces provided. Here, the amount of the first month rent must be specified followed by the amount of the security deposit.

Next is the credit check fee which is the amount required by the landlord or their agent to carry out the credit status or worthiness of the applicant. If there are other fees payable, this must be stated under the category ‘other.’ The total of all the amounts due before the tenancy agreement is considered completed must be stated in the space provided under ‘Amounts Due Prior to Occupancy.’

This Section to be Completed by Applicant

The applicant must fill out the information required under each category as accurately as possible.

Applicant Personal Information

Enter the full name, phone numbers both for home and workplace, the social security number, driver’s license and the state that issued the license. The details of the vehicle of the applicant should be provided as requested under make, model, color and year of manufacture.

Additional Occupants

The prospective tenant must provide the full names of all individuals expected to occupy the apartment with the applicant for most time. Children are included.

Rental History

The tenant must provide the current address followed by the length of time they had lived in the apartment. The reason for deciding to leave and seek for another rental property must be stated in the appropriate space on the Blank Landlord Rental Application. The name of the landlord or the agent of the current rental property and their phone numbers must be provided. Similar information as above must be provided for previous address if that was a rental property.

Employment History

The applicant must provide the name, address and phone number of current employer. The name and phone number of supervisor must also be provided as well as the length of time in years and months on the current employment. The applicant must provide the details about the previous employer in the spaces provided.

Income Details

The applicant should provide the monthly income – from employment – before tax and other deductions in the space provided. Where there are other sources of income, the applicant should also provide an average amount in the space provided and list the sources of these additional incomes in the space provided. The total income should be provided in the space provided on the application form accordingly.

Credit and Financial Information

The applicant should provide details of bank and bank accounts in the spaces provided. Details about types of bank account must also be provided. Details about applicant’s loan account such as auto loan must also be provided.


The applicant should supply information about things like pet and waterbed that the prospective tenant would like to keep in the apartment. Information about the use of illegal drugs, bankruptcy, whether the applicant smokes or not, and about past conviction for a crime (if any) must be disclosed in the appropriate spaces provided on the form.

References and Emergency Contacts

The applicant should provide details about two personal references and the individual that should be contacted in case of an emergency.


The prospective tenant must sign and date the Blank Landlord Rental Application to certify to the landlord that the information so provided are accurate and steps could be taken to verify them.


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