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The Arizona Rental Application Template is a document that is useful to the owners of real estate properties or their agents in Arizona to verify the identity of a prospective tenant including their credit, rental, and employment histories. As a landlord, doing background check is always important if you are looking to reduce the chance of going through the tedious legal processes of issuing an eviction notice and getting a tenant evicted from your property.

A landlord may decide to charge a fee for the background check of a prospective tenant when the Application is issued. It is advisable that the property owner revert to the tenant within a reasonable time frame to avoid losing a good tenant who can’t wait for too long to get another property to rent.

What should an Arizona Rental Application include?

Personal Details

    • Prospect Tenants must fill in their names, date of birth, marital status, social security number and phone number on the Application Form.

Other Occupants

    • Prospective tenants should provide information about other occupants.
    • If there is any other adult occupant expected to live on the residential property with the tenant that is not a spouse, a separate application must be submitted for the adult occupants by the prospective tenant.
    • The name, relationship, age, and social security number of each occupant so listed must be supplied in a table on the form.
    • Information about the tenant’s spouse must be supplied in the application form. The spouse’s name, date of birth, social security number, and some specific information about the spouse’s employment such as name, address, and phone number of employer, monthly earnings, name of supervisor and phone number, length of time on the employment, and position on the job.

Pet Information

    • The intending tenant must indicate whether he would have a pet in the rental apartment with them. And if ‘yes,’ the description of the pet must be provided on the form.

Current Residence

    • The Applicant or Tenant must write in the information about his/her current residence such as the address, city/state, zip code, the number of years in the current residence, name of landlord, and landlord’s phone number.
    • Additionally they should also write in the address of previous occupancy if they have lived less than 2 years at the current residence.

Employment Details

    • The name, address, and phone number of the current employer must be filled in the form. Other information required in this section include the job position of the prospective tenant, the length of time on the job in years and months, and the monthly earnings. The name and phone number of the supervisor in the workplace must be supplied by the tenant to enable you to get more facts about the tenant from different sources.

Credit Information

    • To enable the landlord to check credit records, the bank information of tenant including name of bank, account number, address of bank, and whether it is a checking or savings account.
    • To further obtain more information on the credit records of the intending tenant, ask questions about the tenant’s bank cards, charge accounts and credit cards.

Vehicle Information

    • Obtain information about the any vehicle the applicant and spouse would like to park on the rental property as well as the details about their driver’s licenses.

Criminal Records

    • You would want to know if the applicant or spouse has been evicted from a rental property; one or both have been convicted of a crime before; whether they use illegal drugs or have been declared bankrupt before.

Other Information

    • Other important questions you might want to include on the Arizona Rental Application Template include whether there is an existing warrant of arrest on the intending tenant, whether the applicant use a waterbed and if yes, you might want to know if there is a valid waterbed insurance in place.
    • In case of emergency, ask the applicant to name the person authorized to take possession of personal property and that of other occupants. It is important that the name, phone number, address and zip code of the persons named here are clearly listed for the tenant and each occupant.


    • The Arizona Rental Application Template must be duly signed with date by the prospective tenant.


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