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The Alaska Rental Application Template is an important rental document in the State of Alaska. Landlords, property managers or agents in Alaska are backed by law to issue this rental application form to prospective tenants who must fill it out and return it to the issuer. Property owners and agents use this form to gather vital information for background checks. When the document has been filled out by prospective tenants, the information supplied could be used to establish the identity of would-be tenants and afterward decide which of them is considered fit and proper for a lease contract. The rental law in the state of Alaska allows landlords and agents to charge a non-refundable fee for this form.

If you are looking to gather all the necessary information required to review the income and credit background of a prospective tenant, it is important to draw up the Alaska Rental Application Form and include the following details:

Property Details

In the first three lines on the application form, create spaces for the potential tenant to supply the date the applicant chose to fill out the form followed by the anticipated date of moving into the property. Next, provide space for the address of the property followed by spaces for monthly rent, security deposit and pet deposit.

Tenant’s Personal Details

Under ‘Applicant,’ the potential tenant has to enter their full name, the present address, telephone numbers for home and work followed by the date of birth, numbers of both the social security and driver’s license.

Tenant’s Employment Details

Under ‘Applicant’s Employment,’’ the potential tenant has to fill in the name and address of present employer, present position at work, date the employment contract started, monthly earnings from employment, name and phone number of supervisor. Details about information about applicant’s previous employer should also be filled in.

Tenant’s Spouse Details

Under ‘Spouse,’ the applicant has to fill in the name of his / her spouse, present address, telephone number both for home and workplace, date of birth of spouse, social security and driver’s license numbers.

Tenant’s Spouse Employment Details

Under ‘Spouse’s Employment,’ provide space on the Alaska Rental Application Template for the potential tenant to supply all information regarding the employment of their spouse.

Current Landlord Details

Under ‘Present Landlord or Mortgage Company,’ the prospective tenant must provide information about their present landlord or mortgage company including the telephone number and the monthly rent or mortgage payment that applies.

Under ‘Previous Landlord or Mortgage Company,’ fill in the information about the applicant’s previous landlord or mortgage company.

Personal References

Under ‘Personal References,’ applicant has to supply names, address and phone numbers of at least two references.

Emergency Contact

Under ‘Emergency,’’ ask the applicant to supply information about who to contact in case of emergency.


Under ‘Occupants,’ the applicant must list names of all potential occupants of the property if granted a lease agreement.

Pets Information

Under ‘Pets,’ the applicant must list any pets under ‘type’ ‘breed’, ‘weight,’ and ‘age.’

Vehicle Information

Under ‘Vehicles,’ the applicant must list the make, model and year of manufacture of all vehicles expected to be parked at the premises.

Credit and Criminal History

Under ‘Credit/Criminal History,’ the applicant must supply their bank details and must list all obligations including monthly payments. If any of the potential occupants listed in the Alaska Rental Application Template has been convicted of a felony or evicted or has broken a lease agreement, such must be disclosed.


The prospective tenant and spouse must append their signatures on the form with dates and the landlord or agent must also sign the Alaska Rental Application Template with date to give legal effect to it.


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