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The California Rental Lease Application – RW 11-5 is a form which the State of California Department of Transportation or their employees often use to gather personal information from prospective tenants seeking to rent any type of real estate properties belonging to the Department of Transportation.

The information so disclosed are used by the State to review the credit, rental and employment records of the applicant. The result of the background checks often forms the basis for accepting or declining a rental lease application.

Unlike rental properties belonging to individual landlords in the State of California where landlords may choose to charge a non-refundable fee to cover for the cost of establishing the identity of the applicant, no charges are paid by applicants for the California Rental Lease Application and no agents other than the employees of the state can represent the Department of Transportation in processing rental of state-owned properties.

How to Fill Out the California Rental Lease Application

Like all rental application forms, all sections of the California Rental Application Form must be completed with accurate information.

Under Proposed Occupants

  • List out the names of all occupants expected to live in the apartment followed by the date of birth for everyone.
  • Under ‘Proposed Occupant (1),’ enter the name, phone number, social security number, and the driver’s license number of the first applicant who should be the breadwinner of the family. The details of the present and prior employments and the financial obligations which are all payments the first applicant is obligated to pay out, and the name of the receivers should be declared in the appropriate spaces on the form.
  • Under ‘Proposed Occupant (2),’ the second applicant should make declarations in all areas listed out above under ‘Proposed Occupant (1).’

Vehicle Declaration

  • Details of the vehicles that would be parked on the premises should be listed in the appropriate boxes provided.

Personal Details

  • Under ‘Father’s name and Mother’s name’, enter the names of the parents of the first applicant and under ‘in case of emergency,’ enter the name, phone number, and address of an individual who should be contacted in case of an emergency. The relationship of this person should be indicated in the appropriate space.

Waterbed Declaration

  • If you have a waterbed, declare it in the space provided and list out the reason you’re moving out of the present place of residence.

Apartment Preference

  • Under ‘Rental rates you are Interested in,’ state the range of the amount of the rent you’re willing to pay in the spaces provided.
  • Under ‘Number of bedrooms required,’ list out the specification of the apartment you’re looking out for.
  • Under ‘Area in which you wish to be located,’ enter the county and city you desired to live in.
  • Under ‘Type of Property,’ enter the type of property you’re looking to rent from the list provided. If the type of property is not specified on the list, specify it out in writing under ‘other.’
  • Under ‘Address(es) of state-owned property(ies) you are interested in,’ enter the address of the property you’re looking to rent.

Signature and Submission

  • After completing the California Rental Lease Application form as accurately as possible, sign and date the document thereby authorizing a verification on your claims.


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