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The eviction law is generally so strict such that no landlord would want to rent out their apartments to applicants whether for residential or for commercial purposes without a background check that proves that the applicant can pay the rent as at when due.

Therefore, the Rental Application is a document which landlords or their agents often use to gather personal information from prospective tenants seeking to rent properties for retail or commercial purposes. The information so voluntarily declared are used by the landlord or agent to review the credit, rental and employment records of the applicant.

The analysis of the results from the verification often forms the basis for accepting or declining a rental application from commercial tenant. A landlord may choose to charge a non-refundable fee to cover for the cost of establishing the identity of the applicant.

How to Fill the Commercial Rental Application Form

Business Entity Information

  • Enter the Business Name, followed by date in the appropriate space.
  • Under ‘Current Corporate Headquarter/Home Address,’ enter the current address of your business premises. Note that P.O. Box is not accepted here. Enter the phone number of your business and home phone where individuals or partnerships are concerned. Also, enter the state where your business was registered or the state where your partnership agreement was registered.


  • Under ‘Full Description of Intended Use,’ enter the purpose for which you are seeking to rent a commercial property.

Currently Operating From

  • Under ‘Current Business landlord,’ enter the name and phone number of the owner of the property where your business is located currently. Also, state the length of time at this business premises and the number of employees engaged by your business.

Parking Space Required

  • You will have to declare the number of parking spaces you would need for your business at the proposed rental property. If there is the need for overnight parking, you should declare it on the Commercial Rental Application Form.

Bank Reference

  • Under ‘Bank Reference,’ enter the name of the bank for your business account, your account number, and the name of a bank official that could be contacted for a verification.

Declaration of Hazardous Substances

  • If your business deals in storing hazardous substances on the premises, declare this and the approximate quantity in the appropriate space on the form.

Type of Entity

  • Check the right box for your commercial business from 1). Corporate 2). General partner(s) 3). Individual(s) signing the lease followed by the name and identification details such as the social security, driver’s license number of the person(s) signing the Rental Application Form. The name and personal identification of your spouse should be entered in the appropriate spaces on the form.

Trade References

  • Under ‘Trade References,’ enter the name of any commercial businesses that could vouch for you.

Signature and Submission

  • After supplying all the needed information as accurately as possible, enter your name, sign and date the document. The applicant would be required to provide copies of the registration document for your commercial concern whether a corporation, a partnership or as an individual commercial entity including evidence of tax returns for two (2) years.


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