Nebraska Rental Application Form Template - Free Download

Printable Nebraska Rental Lease Application Template is applicable only in Nebraska. It is used so that a landlord can look for or screen any tenants before a legal rental agreement can be made between them. This is a simple two-page agreement that will help you in listing all the information related to the prospective tenant. You can download the Nebraska Rental Application Form by clicking on the download link below.

Personal Details

  • The applicant’s name, date of birth is personal details like Social Security number, phone number, current address, present landlord, any other previous addresses and the contact numbers for his/her previous landlords.

Employment Details

  • Employment details of the tenant also need to be mentioned like current and previous employers, their contact numbers, and the names of the supervisors.

Car Ownership

  • The tenant needs to give details related to a car he / she owns the year and make of the vehicle, the color, the license plate number, the name that the vehicle is registered to.

Credit Information

  • The tenant can provide credit references to show his credit worthiness to the landlord increasing the chances of him being selected.

Children Information

  • If the tenant has any children he/she has to mention their names and ages.

Co-Applicant Details

  • This Nebraska rental application form contains another section for a co-applicant to fill in his details as well. They are the same details that have been mentioned in the list above i.e. personal details, employment details, monthly income details, vehicle details, credit references and family details.

Declaration Information

  • The third page of this application contains the declaration by the tenant that all the information that has been entered on this application is true and correct and the landlord can verify information on his own. Any people/firms that the tenant has mentioned can give any requested information to the landlord.
  • This application is executed after the applicant and the co-applicant (if any) sign the above-mentioned declaration.


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