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The Maryland rental lease application is a form given to a potential tenant by a property owner or an agent to unbosom personal information about the potential occupant, thereby effectuating trust between the landlord and the tenant.

The reason for the rental application form is to ensure the trustworthiness of the tenant, to make sure the tenant is capable of paying the rent at a particular period of time, because no property owner would want to accept a tenant who cannot afford to subsequently pay the rent at the designated time.

This therefore creates chances to know the financial capability of the intending tenant as well as the credit, history of the residence of the tenant including his present place of residence, reason for leaving the previous rented apartment, or possible eviction, employment history and every other vital information that the property manager needs to know.

Having gathered some sensitive information of the prospective tenant, the agent can then run a background check to guarantee the authenticity of the information to avoid constant eviction of occupant a as result of dishonesty, failure to pay at a particular period of time, or involvement in any form of illicit behaviour.

The effect of the background check creates an avenue of choice for the both parties intending to have a contractual relationship as to decide whether to accept or decline the lease agreement. The form also serves as a template to protect the property owner if the need for a lawsuit arises and to ascertain the prejudicial act of an intending tenant.

Upon final agreement of the rental property, a security deposit is made, this deposit is paid separately and must be made within the period of fifteen (15) days after the lease agreement is concluded.

How to Fill To Fill Out The Maryland Rental Lease Application Form

It is very important to understand that all information written in all the sections of the application form must be veracious.

A step by step guidance on how to fill out a Rental Lease Application Form is written below.

Property Detail

The first line of the rental application form is a space for the address of the property, that is, where the property is located, which would be filled by the owner of the property.

Occupants Personal Information

In this section, the prospect occupants must fill their information accurately, which includes their full name, phone number, social security number, date of birth, marital status(whether single, married or divorced), drivers license and the state it was issued, employer, office address, personal phone number and employers phone number, position held in the office, how long you have worked in that office, monthly salary, supervisors name and phone number.

Occupants Spouse Detail

This Section is provided for occupants who are married and must be filled accurately. Spouse’s full name, phone number, social security number, date of birth, marital status, drivers’ licence, spouse employers name, address of spouse’ office, phone number and employer of spouse, position held in the office, monthly salary, supervisor’s name.

Other Occupants of The Rental Property

There is need for the potential occupant to make known to the landlord the possible sharing of the apartment with other occupants, therefore the tenant should list out all the names of the other occupants, their age, sex and their relationship with the primary tenant. This is important so as to avoid any of the tenant being locked out of the property unlawfully, but if they are on the rental application form then the landlord will let them in without an issue.

Present Landlord Detail

Under the current address, the applicant would have to give a well detailed description of their present address, the full name of the present landlord as well as the phone number, the period of the occupants stay, the amount paid and the name(s) on the current lease. A very good and candid reason should be given as to why the tenant would like to move out of the property.

Emergency Contact

It is important to note that this section is created for the safety of the tenant and the landlord, so there is need to give either a close relatives number that can be reachable at all times or a close friend in case of any emergency. The address and phone number of the person as well as the relationship is also important and should be appropriately written in the provided space.

Bank Reference

This Section is created to fill the necessary information about the occupants bank and what type of account they operate, and to ensure the tenant has never gone bankrupt

Financial/Credit History

This was included to know the financial capability of whether the tenant has an outstanding debt that has not been cleared, or whether the occupant would be able to pay the rent at the designated time hence the need to list at list two credit references, when it was opened and when it was closed.

Vehicle Detail

The need to specify accurately the detail of the auto to be parked in the park yard, giving explicit descriptions of the vehicles, such as the make, state and licence of the vehicle.

Waterbed Declaration

It is very essential that the tenant ticks appropriately if you have waterbed, and the paramount reason for moving out of your current residence.

Pet Details

The imminent occupant must specify if they would have a pet in the apartment, giving the necessary information of the pet and written accurately in the space provided.

Information Declaration and Signature

This is the final and concluding part of the Maryland rental lease application form. This part consists of the information divulged by the tenant which must be very precise and accurate making it easy for the landlord to authenticate the authenticity of all the information given. Upon completion of the form, the tenant and landlord will then sign and date the document so as to make it binding.

However, it is very important to note that there are rules guiding the Maryland Rental Lease Application Form which are;

  • Property owner may include an application fee which is not part of the Rental payment and must be paid separately from the first month rent and security initial deposit, which must be within a period of fifteen(15) days after the lease agreement form has been duly signed and there is no limit to the amount that the landlord can charge for their application fee.
  • Also in the State of Maryland, all application fees are non-refundable.


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